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Quality Craftsmanship, Strong Personalized Service & Deep Commitment to Customer Satisfaction are all Hallmarks of Alive Contracting Inc.! Serving the Commercial and Residential markets since 1996, Alive Contracting Inc. has established an outstanding reputation in the marketplace for his innovative methods and demonstrated versatility at all ends of the construction spectrum, building custom luxury residential homes, residential and commercial renovations throughout the BC marketplace.

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Our strong client relationships are what keep Alive Contracting Inc. in demand. We are fully Licensed, Bonded and insured, and our goal is to provide you with the utmost professional and quality craftsmanship.

Who We Are

Alive Contracting Inc. has formed a team of dedicated professionals to design and build high-quality custom luxury homes. Each home we build will accommodate the individual client’s needs through architectural design, quality construction and strong customer service. Alive Contracting Inc. also has a firmly established history of building and renovating many residential homes and commercial facilities in the Victoria and surrounding areas.

Founded in 1996 by Leo Campos, Alive Contracting Inc. is backed by over 20 years of experience and will always provide the finest custom built homes and commercial buildings along with tireless customer support – a combination that can’t be beat! Through this commitment, experience and expertise, Alive Contracting Inc. has established business relationships with its customers that will last a lifetime.

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